Few Tips On How To Avoid Pickpocketing During Travel

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Pickpocketing means the act of stealing things out of pockets or bags secretly.

                               ‘PICKPOCKETS LOVE TOURISTS’

To learn how to avoid pickpockets and help to keep your valuables as safe as possible, here are few tips on how to avoid pickpocketing while travelling.

Fusion Belt
Do not travel without your Fusion Belt. It comfortably holds six passports & boarding passes in just one pocket. It blends into your outfit too to reduce the risk of being pickpocketing while travelling.

Leave Valuables at the Hotel
Protection to your valuables is to lock them away inside a drawer, cupboard or wardrobe that’s already inside the room. Of course, not every Hotel room will provide such an opportunity but if a room does, you should use it.

Wear a Money Belt
Money belts are the same what they sound like, a type of belt with a hidden pouch where you can store your money. The approach is that you can keep your money safe from pickpockets if it gets hidden away from there sight. You can use these to store your money, passport, or other kinds of stuff while travelling.
You can also make sure that you should carry your money in multiple safe places.

No Phones on the Table
If you’re one of those characters who unquestionably must keep their phone on the table while you’re at a restaurant, be conscious that pickpockets are targeting you. Keep your smartphone tucked away on your person while you’re eating. The text messages can wait. Also, keep your phone locked and fit software that allows you to remotely clear its data.

Zippered Purse
These Zippered Purses have tamper-proof zippers, cut-proof straps, and a slash proof
metal web embroidered into the bag. They came in a large variety of styles
and sizes to keep your travel accessories safe.

                                                     !! Stay Alert !!
Experience of pickpocketed while travelling is not what anyone wants to face it.
There are obvious dangers of pickpockets and general distraction theft that
happen everywhere in the world. Also, keep your passports and valuable travel
documents in a safe place to avoid loss of passport and documents.

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